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Spread the Love Short Poem

Live to Dream

Dream to Hope,

Hope for Love,

Love for Happiness,

Have Happiness in Yourself,

Love Yourself for Who You Are,

And always Remember to Spread the Love

So shout it out loud,

You will be heard,

That you Spread the Love to your Friends, your Family, and all the World

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Yet Another Poem




Today is the Day


Live your Dream

Show Compassion

Create your own Happiness

Discover you Passion

Sing a Song

Spread the Love

Cherish every Moment

Dream Big

Embrace Every Possibility

Believe in Miracles

Be Spontaneous

Remember to Breathe

Today is the Day!

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Another Poem

Here is another wonderful poem that one of my students gave to me.










"The Poem is Open"

Live like Heaven in on Earth.

Love like you have  never been hurt.
Laugh like no one is listening.
Sing as if no one can hear.
Dance as if no one is watching.
Dream like there are no impossibilities.
Play like there are no winners.
Give like you have plenty.
Smile until your face hurts.
Cherish like the world will never end.
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