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Spread the Love Short Poem

Live to Dream

Dream to Hope,

Hope for Love,

Love for Happiness,

Have Happiness in Yourself,

Love Yourself for Who You Are,

And always Remember to Spread the Love

So shout it out loud,

You will be heard,

That you Spread the Love to your Friends, your Family, and all the World

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Yet Another Poem

Rainbow wallpaper


Today is the Day


Live your Dream

Show Compassion

Create your own Happiness

Discover you Passion

Sing a Song

Spread the Love

Cherish every Moment

Dream Big

Embrace Every Possibility

Believe in Miracles

Be Spontaneous

Remember to Breathe

Today is the Day!

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Another Poem

Here is another wonderful poem that one of my students gave to me.



Freedom by Cindy Sheehan



"The Poem is Open"

Live like Heaven in on Earth.

Love like you have  never been hurt.
Laugh like no one is listening.
Sing as if no one can hear.
Dance as if no one is watching.
Dream like there are no impossibilities.
Play like there are no winners.
Give like you have plenty.
Smile until your face hurts.
Cherish like the world will never end.
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Here is a wonderful 'New Year' poem that my student gave to me:


Two people embracing

This Year

mend a quarrel

Seek out a forgotten friend.

Write a love letter.

Share some treasure.  Give a soft answer.  Encourage youth.

Keep a promise.  Find the time.

Forgive an enemy.  Listen.

Apologize if you were wrong.

Think first of someone else.

Be kind and gentle.

Laugh a little.  Laugh a little more.

Express your gratitude.  Gladden

the heart of a child.  Take pleasure

in the beauty and wonder fo the earth.

Speak your love.  Speak it again.

Speak it still once again.


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Nelson Mandela

Favorite Quotes:

Nelson Mandela Biography


"No one is born hating another person because of their skin, or his background, or his religion.  People must learn to hate, & if they can learn to hate, they can learn to love, for love comes more naturally than its opposite." Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela

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Spread the Love Helps Casa Esperanza

Spread the Love Helps Casa Esperanza

Our school counserlor, Dr. Koba, visited a school in Guatemala last summer–Casa Esperanza–in an effort to extend her teaching to the teenagers & teachers of this school.

Here is some information on her & the school.  Our school is doing a fundraiser to help raise playground equipment for the students, who don't have any playground equipment.  

If you would like to help, please e-mail me at: kathenawoods@yahoo.com.  Thank you.




Guatelama July, 2013

                 Zonia Sonriente Martínez and Rosalía Muñoz-Ledo Koba from Orange County, California were invited by the Peacebuilding en las Americas,  part of Friends Peace Teams (International AVP) to facilitate workshops in Guatemala.  From as early as 5:00 AM to as late as 9:00 PM, these two valiant crusaders enthusiastically, energetically, and happily traveled by foot, bus, shuttle, van, tuc tuc (three wheel motor cart) through rain storms, sunshine, and sprinkling rain, carrying each a heavy "mercado" shopping bag of  AVP materials. They facilitated a total of nine workshops lasting between 1.5 to 20 hours each for several communities and three schools. A grand total of 109 participants gained the knowledge and the experience of the PAV/AVP exercises and interventions. The ages of the participants ranged from age 2 to 92. Fantastica Fatima, age 2, loved repeating everyone's adjective name during the family mini workshop. Tierna (Tender) Tonita, 92, joyfully states that her favorite exercises are Earthquake and Hurricane.

                 Sonriente and Radiante adopted a second adjective name together: "Flexible".  Some planned workshops were cancelled, but new ones were immediately scheduled through new made contacts in Guatemala. There are no accidents. Everything was perfect. The Guatemalans and the Indigenous Mayans were very welcoming and very grateful. Instituto Casa Esperanza (school age 9-19) was an unforgettable memory. Working with the teenagers, who role played anti-bullying scenarios was touching as they used the 12 Transforming Power Guides and the Mandala to demonstrate peaceful solutions. The "Find Your Group" exercise



made a lasting impact on the 26 students who were united from previously participating in cliquish behaviors. The students hugged and shared tears of forgiveness, re-establishing a new bond and genuine friendships.

                 One hundred book markers were printed pro bono by Estuardo Abadia, Zonriente's brother. The ladies purchased 100 Mayan miniature dolls to attached to the book markers. "I Message" was cleverly printed in Spanish and English on the reverse side of the book marker to promote another fundamental communication tool. They were gifted to the guests of the Guatemala Presentation on August 10, 2013 at the San Clemente Presbyterian Church, Community Center in Orange County. The




                 Radiant told the students, " I take you all in my heart!" And Zonriente told them "I leave my heart with you!" They fell in love with all of them. They are extremely grateful to EVERY ONE  in Guatemala and specifically to Luis Light Chamorra, Intelligent Isabel Blanca Galvez, Studious Elisabet Rosario Ordonez,  Magnificent Magda and Leslie Baer, Founder of  www.Xela Aide.org for all their assistance, guidance and most of all for receiving them with open arms and making their journey a great success!

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