Directions–Spread the Love Project, 2016



In writing to the senators & our local mayor: here are the directions that I gave to my students:


1. Write a journal entry stating what you think are some of the world's greatest problems.

2. Share your journal with the class.

3. Narrow your "world problem" down to one.

4. Do some research on the world problem you chose.  Know that some "heavy" stuff will come up.

5.  Write your letter–business style format–to the person to whom you chose to write–include your research & the changes you want.

CHALLENGE:  How about we all write to our local senators, politicians, etc. letting them know we want a change.

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Middle School Movement Spreads the Love

Teacher Kari Woods runs a club at San Clemente’s Bernice Ayer Middle School called Spread the Love. Students meet once a week at lunch to formulate new ways to spread their message of respect and giving. Other schools are picking up on it.


One student at a time, teacher Kari Woods wants to change the world by asking kids to Spread the Love.

That's the name of a club she has formed at Bernice Ayer Middle School in San Clemente, where she teaches. On Friday, as students were about to head out on a two-week holiday break, Spread the Lovemembers had one more task to do when school let out.

Article Tab: clemente-pair-bears-left
Claire Vlasic, Emma Earlywine, Tegan Campbell and Larrisa Henderson, from left, of the Spread the Love club at San Clemente's Bernice Ayer Middle School surround a pair of donated teddy bears headed Friday for Children's Hospital of Orange County's Mission Viejo campus.



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